Establishment of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System (Offshore Nigeria)

A functional HSE system was provided by setting standards and monitoring performance.


When OML 114 license was awarded to Moni Pulo Limited (MPL) in 1999, it needed help to set up an HSE management system that will ensure safe and healthy operations for everybody on MPL sites and for their neighbours and also to minimize the environmental impacts of their operations.

OML114, offshore concession covering an estimated area of 102,000 acres shares boundaries with Addax Petroleum to the south, the Cameroon Republic to the east and Shell Petroleum Development to the West. The producing area within the OML 114 has an approximate location of 4o 34’ 33’’ North, 8o 25’ 21’’ East. The water depth varies from 15-30 feet. The processed oil is pumped along a 41 km, 12 inches pipeline to the Knock Adoon a FPSO that is moored in 133 feet of water. The produced oil is approximately 27°API.

Our Approach

MPL engaged Kogzytech Associates Ltd (KAL) to establish an integrated HSE management approach to achieve its health, safety and environmental objectives.

Qualified KAL HSE practitioners constantly worked with and advised Moni Pulo operations group on how to manage HSE issues proactively and ensure continuous improvement in MPL’s HSE performance. Fundamentally, success in MPL’s HSE management strategy was based on well planned principles backed by sound leadership commitment and training, assessing risks at every site and putting effective control measures in place as well as assessing the exposure of employees and contractors to health, safety and environmental hazards and implementing programmes to raise awareness.

KAL also assisted the company in evaluating opportunities for preventing or minimizing pollution and wastes. Inevitable changes in operations were aptly marched with full appraisal of inherent HSE implications. Adherence to client HSE polices, aims, strategies, procedures became mandatory for staff and contractors/visitors in order that statutory requirements, local/international standards as well as known oil field practices are met. Reporting of incidents and near misses became a norm while thorough investigations follow serious or potentially serious occurrences with lessons learnt properly documented and constantly cascaded across the workforce to prevent recurrences.

Effective emergency response plans for all foreseeable emergencies were documented and maintained at all sites. A programme of self-assessment at all levels of HSE management was put in place to ensure self-regulation and to meet compliance requirements at all times.

All these were backed with regular audit designed to actualise known HSE performance indicators as well as determine ways of improvement.

Benefits and Value

Based on the foregoing, several HSE milestones have been achieved all through the period of Moni Pulo’s existence to date as listed below:

  • Environmental Evaluation Studies(EES) to augment existing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies of OML 114.
  • In-house documentation of OML 114 process facilities and related HSE measurable parameters
  • Noise Level Measurement and mapping of the Floating Production Facility (FPF) documented using acoustic attenuation systems based on different levels of production.
  • In 2003 our client was guided through the first official international Safety Audit by British Safety Council (BSC) which earned Agbani FPF a 2 Star Award from the standard 5 Star
  • A total of 4,700,000 man-hours with no loss time injury as at December 2015 which was initiated in 2003