Conducting a Safety Audit

This course will present key issues for conducting effective safety and health audits. It will begin by defining audits and their role and comparing them to other essential safety management components such as inspections. It will then summarize how to set objectives and conduct the planning and design of audits. Effective techniques for auditing and the writing findings will be covered in depth. Also covered will be the management of audit recommendations. OSHA’s policy actions on audits will be summarized and how this policy may affect audits and other compliance management issues.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the role of audits in safety program management
  • Establish objectives–compliance and/or best practice
  • Plan and design the safety audit
  • Gather information and interviewing techniques
  • Evaluate written programs versus actual practice
  • Establish findings and prepare the report
  • Learn to make recommendations to management
  • Discuss OSHA’s policy on audits