Controlling Workplace Violence: Our Risks and Our Resources

That catastrophic act of violence may not have happened in your organization yet, but the risk is there. More subtle acts of violence occur every day at work. Most safety and health professional understand that both the perception of a risk, as well as subtle acts, are equally disruptive to the organization’s safety culture. The question becomes how to control the fear of violence while also identifying and controlling the real threats and hazards. And, just as important, how to do this on a limited budget.

This course begins with a review of the state of our knowledge concerning Workplace Violence and quickly goes into a discussion of what others are doing and what is required by OSHA. Significant time will be spent on issues of interest to the organization and to the safety professional. Topics include:

  • Legal Issues Associated with Violence Control
  • a Seven Step System for Control of Workplace Violence
  • Early Warnings – Early Reporting – Early Response
  • and a session on Personal Crisis Intervention.

A vital part of this course will be the sharing and discussion of available resources.

Learning Objective
To provide safety and health professionals with foundational knowledge and resources so that they can go back to their organizations and develop a multi-disciplinary team approach to the control of violence risk.

Who Should Attend
Safety and health managers, supervisors, human resource personnel, as well as employees working in high risk sectors such as health care, retail and food services.

Benefits to Attendees
Besides the chance to update their knowledge on this issues, attendees will also receive lists of recommended resources and will have a chance to review currently available printed video training materials.