Corporate Safety Management

This is a practical fast-paced, experience-oriented professional development course that helps safety directors and managers set a benchmark for daily administrative skills. As safety management increases in importance and bottom line value, safety managers must obtain the “competitive edge” to stay on top in the business world. Ideas are offered on how to make safety a vital part of the overall business process. Numerous breakout sessions will allow you to review your business concerns and hear how other organizations overcame similar adversities. The administrative and management skills discussed in this course will help attendees and their staff become an integral part of the overall management team.

Learning Objectives:

  • Adjusting to corporate mergers, downsizing, right-sizing and reorganization
  • Location of the safety function in corporate structure
  • Obtaining management and non-management buy-in of the safety responsibility
  • Industry safety networking and its value
  • Techniques to negotiate in the business world and personal life
  • Working habits of highly effective safety professionals
  • How to benchmark your organization’s safety and health process

How You Will Benefit:

The administrative and management skills discussed in this course will help you relate better and communicate effectively with superiors and other departments. It will increase your value to the whole management team, and ultimately, help to improve bottom-fine concerns within your organization.