Global Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Management

This course will deliver an overview of a global management systems approach to EHS. This approach is based on international standards including: International Standards Organization (ISO) 14001, British Standard (BS) 18001, European Directives for the Management of Safety and Health at Work regulations 1992 as well as best practices from US multinational’s experiences. You will have the opportunity to discuss global business challenges through breakout sessions and case studies, learn the challenges of managing EHS globally and develop strategies to meet the challenges of working with cultures having different business norms and protocols.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop organizational strategies for developing, implementing and monitoring a global environmental safety and health management system.
  • Understand how to incorporate into your business process the ways in which many U.S. multinational organizations manage compliance with local country-specific EHS regulations.
  • Learn the key countries with EHS regulations and where to go for information on these regulations.
  • Acquire the skills to manage cultural, language, literacy and religion issues that may impact the implementation of an EHS management system at multinational sites.
  • Participate in a network of EHS professionals actively involved in managing EHS globally.

Who Should Attend:

  • New and experienced safety directors, managers and consultants charged with developing and implementing global EHS management strategies.
  • Human resource managers, lawyers and administrators who oversee global EHS for their multinational corporations.
  • Insurance risk managers and loss prevention consultants charged with managing global liability risk control programs (Workers’ Compensation or Employers’ Liability).

Bring to the Course:

  • A copy of your corporate Mission, Vision and Values
  • An outline of your existing EHS management system (if applicable)
  • A blank copy of your global EHS audit protocol (if applicable)