JSA3: Job Safety Analysis

The traditional Job Safety Analysis has been a primary tool of injury/illness prevention for many years. This session will take this program element and raise it to new heights. Utilizing case studies, the basic concepts of the Job Safety Analysis will be reviewed. It will then be expanded to include ergonomic issues and develop physical capacity parameters for jobs/tasks. This information will then be applied to several scenarios to accomplish employee placement or reasonable accommodation. Each participant will receive a one-page form which will allow the application of the concepts learned during the session.

Learning Objective:

Attendees will expand their typical Job Safety Analysis through inclusion of ergonomic elements and the potential for the Job Safety Analysis.

Who Should Attend:

Safety professionals, health care professionals, human resource personnel, ergonomists and others involved in injury/illness prevention.

Benefits to Attendees:

Gain a conceptual awareness of cutting-edge applications to health and safety programs that apply to the attendees’ individual companies.