Safety Leadership Skills

Strategic leadership can reap extensive returns from safety. This interactive course will demonstrate how safety professionals and senior managers can move from verbal “support” of safety to active leadership. Focus is on leveraged management strategies for maximizing benefits of organizational safety – simultaneously reducing losses, boosting morale, and promoting productivity by building behavioral change and safety culture – within a limited time.

Course components are:

  • Management Safety Concerns and Benefits
  • The Ugly, The Weak, The Excellent: Elements of strong safety cultures
  • Examples of what is working for other large organizations
  • How to build personal responsibility while cutting injuries
  • Personal safety leadership: Developing leadership skills for influencing and motivating others and mastering change
  • The Safety Leadership 7: Keys to getting results (with minimal time) and weaving quality into safety

Learning Objectives:

  • Better apply organizational leadership strategies to safety planning
  • Understand examples of excellent organizational applications of safety leadership
  • Improve skills for persuading and motivating others in key organizational positions towards active safety leadership
  • Improve personal managerial methods for leading behavioral, cultural safety improvements