HSE Auditing Services

Conducting audits help ensure your compliance with global market, industry and regulatory requirements. Kogzytech provides comprehensive range of auditing and certification services to ensure that your management systems are enhanced to facilitate successful growth.

We can validate your processes and operations to provide assurance of regulatory compliance, enforce supply chain regulations, maintain workplace safety, drive social accountability, ensure overall business security and more. Our audits range from verifying simple business transactions and safety and compliance checks, to full inspections of people, processes and systems. We have also developed a series of risk-based assessment tools and audit solutions to assess and benchmark organizations and suppliers, while helping Indigenous companies manage and track their performance.

Our latest audits help ensure your compliance with national regulatory bodies, global market and industry standards. Kogzytech employs Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000, Environmental Management System ISO 14001, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems ISO 18001 certified Auditors, Lead Auditors to design, operate, maintain and track audit items for clients. Our auditing services include:

  • Internal Audit Facilitation
  • Site HSE Audit
  • System Component

Kogzytech’s regulatory specialists, engineers and HSE professionals outrival in helping our clients achieve their compliance objectives. Whether addressing complex and rapidly changing federal, state and local regulations or conducting health, safety and environmental (HSE) compliance audits, we have the expertise to deliver outstanding services to industrial, commercial and even government facilities.

Our HSE auditing service is aim at:

  • Identifying any design deficiencies and also any weaknesses which might have cropped up during modifications/additions of facilities.
  • Ensuring that the fire protection facilities and safety systems are well maintained.
  • Ensuring that operating/maintenance procedures, work practices are as per stipulated in the manuals and standards, which might have degraded with time.
  • Checking on security, training, preparedness for handling emergencies and disaster management etc.
  • Checking the compliance of statutory regulations, standards, codes etc.
  • As a social objective to cater to public opinion and concern for safe environment. This improves public relation of the organization.

In order to achieve the above objectives Kogzytech subjects various areas a company’s activities to a systematic critical examination with the objective of minimizing loss. This includes all components of the system viz. management policy, attitudes, training, design (Process, Mechanical, Electrical etc.) aspect, layout and construction of plant, operating inspection & maintenance procedures, emergency plans, personal protection standards and accident records.