HSE Consulting Services

Kogzytech provides systematized, tailored consulting solutions which solve HSE needs and influence performance in business operations, safety and quality. Our highly skilled and dedicated professionals assist our clients in achieving compliance with federal, state, and local HSE regulations. Our services enable our clients to attain their risk, safety and security objectives more efficiently and effectively at the workplace and also on-site. The ultimate goal is to incorporate safety into the business culture, which is best achieved through consistent compliance with HSE regulations.

Our services include but not limited to:

  1. Development or Review of HSE Management System
  2. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  3. Safety Behavior Systems Assessment
  4. Management of Change
  5. Contractor Management
  6. Legislative Requirements
  7. Facilitation of Incident Investigations

We shall also provide advisory services which will include:

  1. Identification of locally obtainable services, equipment and manpower to enhance the national goals of technology transfer and indigenous participation.
  2. Assistance in relations with government agencies and extra-sector institutions by soliciting, within all legal means, their assistance and cooperation.
  3. Advice on facility and process upgrade or modifications in line regulatory requirements and best practice in the industry.
  4. Assistance in Monitoring company in-house safety programs and critical field operations and in the office.
  5. Represent the company in regulatory agencies meetings relating Health, Safety & Environment.
  6. Implement company safety policies/provisions in the field.
  7. Initiates and ensures that safety campaigns/awareness and related projects are implemented.
  8. Coordinate and supervises Oil Spill Response and Containment Training onshore.
  9. Supervision and co-ordination of field pollution prevention and clean-up operations.
  10. Supervision of HSE related maintenance / civil jobs in offshore and onshore environments.
  11. Ensure that company’s operations conform with the requirements of regulatory Agencies. Carry out routine checks /preventive maintenance of all oil spill control equipment.
  12. Monitoring of all occupational health, emergency response matters and first-aid provisions in all company’s facilities.
  13. Liaise with government regulatory agencies on all HSE related matters that affects company’s operations.
  14. Ensure that company safety systems of work are strictly adhered to by both staff and contractors.
  15. Co-ordinate the compilation of monthly, quarterly and annual report on HSE Activities of the company.
  16. Do presentations on HSE as directed by company management.
  17. Advise management on general HSE matters that affect company operations within and outside the field
  18. Ensure that all interphase activities between HSE and other company’s departments within and outside are properly guided especially in accident / incident reporting and investigation.
  19. Carry out HSE related Audits and advise every department of the company on the need to address and close out any non-compliance issues.