HSE Management System

Each business unit and its respective operating units must have in place management systems that address all applicable expectations set out in the company HSE Management System. Implementation must include the following five characteristics of an effective management system:

Policy Awareness – The HSE Policy represents the company’s commitment to HSE excellence, from senior management down through every level of the organization.

Planning – Planning is used to identify potential HSE risks from activities, products and services, and to evaluate the types of programs and goals to minimize those risks.

Implementation and Operation – This part of the management system defines the people, systems, strategies, resources and structures necessary to meet HSE goals.

Checking and Corrective Action – Checking and Corrective Action is designed to monitor and record performance, and identify areas of corrective and preventative action for continuous improvement.

Management Review – Ongoing progress towards meeting the requirements of the HSE Management System is assessed and discussed on a regular basis by business unit HSE leadership team.

At Kogzytech we guide you through the establishment of an effective HSE management system suited for your business portfolio.